Ballet Books

As a former professional ballerina, I share my deep knowledge of the ballet world in my growing collection of educational ballet books. 

My work helps young dancers navigate the difficult path to professional artist and athlete.

With my books, I hope to bring game-changing information to an inspiring, dedicated, and passionate audience of young ballet dancers.

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Your book is AMAZING! It has literally changed my life!

Eilis, 14, Lisa Clark Dance Centre
Review of How to be a Ballet Dancer, 2012 Edition

Ballet Books Collection

100 Healthy Snacks
(for dancers)
2012 Edition

How To Be
A Ballet Dancer
(2012 Edition)

How To Be A Ballet Dancer
10th Anniversary Edition Fully Revised with added Expert Interviews & Bonuses

Alex's Journey as a Ballerina

My love story with dance began when I enrolled in a jazz class in a local school after watching my neighbour dance at the end-of-year concert.

Forced to take most of the year off due to a genetic knee illness which put me in a full-leg cast. At the time, no body-conditioning or physio was offered to recover… A terrible mistake which will cause in just over a decade the end of my career.

Started ballet at age 11, realising that this is where I belonged all along. I began with the 8-year-old students to catch up on basics and within months joined the class of my peers.

Taking more classes each year until the hours added-up to near part-time training. Traveling to competitions across France and Europe to gain national recognition and invaluable stage experience.

Trained full-time as a professional at the Conservatoire National of Lyon, France, while finishing high school via distance education. Incredibly lucky to have learned from teachers and masters from the Paris Opera Ballet, Bejart Ballet Lausanne, NY City ballet, and from many more world-class companies.

Broke metatarsals on both feet due to overwork and malnutrition, leading to months of painful recovery and depression. (yeah… I talk a lot about that one too. A mistake so easily avoided if you listen to your body and learn to love it.)

Professional dancer in guest and professional performances in France, Monaco, Germany, Austria and Australia. Danced with the Youth Ballet of Lyon, Tanz Atelier Wien and then trained with Sydney Dance Company while also working on creative projects with Dirty Feet in Sydney. (Under the promise of a contract with SDC once I’d obtained a suitable working visa in Australia)

Career ending knee injury while working on a contemporary project with Martin Del Amo in Sydney. Lost and heartbroken and taught ballroom & latin dances at the Sydney Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

After many years away from dance, in which I formed a family with the man I fell in love with. I learned about online business and publishing and was inspired to share my knowledge and learnings in writing. That’s how my first book How To Be A Ballet Dancer was born. masterclasses.

Toured Australia and New Zealand to promote the book while teaching ballet masterclasses and working as an adjudicator for ballet competitions such as Coast Quest, the Sydney Eisteddfod, focussing on scholarship events, loving the connection with young dancers. Founded International Ballet Workshops.

Settled two years in Tamworth, NSW, as I took over a ballet school and worked on growing the studio, bringing as many learning opportunities I could to the young dancers under my care. The studio tripled in size and I then handed it over to my talented studio manager and artistic director.

Life played another trick on me as I finished the year in hospital losing hearing in the left ear. This virus-induced accident left me walking for weeks with a walker, and with permanent vestibular damage. I had to let go of the school & the ballet workshops.

Taken time to heal, reflect and learn. I’ve worked as a dance business coach for many years, but I’ve never ceased to write. And writing is a passion as big as what dance has been. And I know no better way to move forward in life than by using love and creativity to be of service to those who are also in love with the same things. 😉